Botou Dong Jian Casting Co. LTD was founded in 1994, covers an area of 53980 m2, land scope is 22700 square meter, including casting workshops 5600 square meters and machining plants 11000 square meters. Our company annual production capacity is 21000 tons, only casting products can reach 100 tons. Now we have more than 180 staff.

2、Main Products

Machine tool castings, planer boring and milling, grinding, planing, from 2m*4m to 6m*28m, vertical lathe from φ2.5m to φ12.5m, large lathe to Heavy duty lathe, and Roll grinding machine etc.. Material can reach the HT300 standards and  to ensure  the machine tool industry, the density of the rail surface, and the hardness could be controlled  between HB180 and HB220, so as to meet the needs of quenching.


Now we have 15 sets of  large processing equipments. One set of 3.4m*10m double housing planer, one set of 3.65m*16m gantry milling machine, 2 sets of 4m*14m floor type milling machines, two sets of floor type milling machines, one is 3.2m*12m,  the other is 2m * 6, and one set of 10m vertical lathe etc..these are all made in Germany.

4、Enterprise technology and technical equipment

The company has two sets of  intermediate frequency electric furnaces, one is 8 tons, the other is 5 tons, three sets of 10 ton cupola furnace, a laboratory, Nissan Spectrum detection instrument. Casting technique mainly adopted resin sand and  real process to take shape.

5、Enterprises developing prospective

The company will mainly focus on the production of machine tool castings, and develop heavy machine tool casting for large machine tool factory, from large machine tool castings to large mechanical processing, and ultimately to reach our goal of specializing in designing and producing  large precision machining and special machines.

6、Enterprise Faith

Customer foremost, Quality first and credit principal

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